Sukoon Takaful's Risk Mitigation Policy


Fire Losses 


  • The UAE has seen a significant increase in the number of building fires being reported, figures from UAE's Ministry of Interior show. 
  • Civil Defence teams responded to more than 3,000 incidents in 2022, including 2,169 building fires – up 3 percent from 2,090 in 2021 and 10 percent from 1,968 in 2020. 
  • The majority of fires broke in residential areas, with homes and apartments accounting for 1,385 of the incidents, the Ministry said. 
  • There were also 256 fires in commercial buildings, 153 on farms, and 122 at public service facilities. 
  • Official figures show that nine people died in building fires in the UAE in 2021. 
  • Additionally, 89 were injured during fires in buildings in the country. Of these, the data from the Ministry of Interior has shown that 18 were firefighters attending the scene.


Water Losses

  • In 2022, heavy rains caused floods in the United Arab Emirates, lasting from 27 to 29 July, 2022. Cities of the northern Emirates, mainly Kalbaand Fujairah, and different areas of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah were affected by the heavy rains. According to the UAE National Center of Meteorology, this was, on record, the country's heaviest rainfall in 27 years.
  • Seven people of Asian descent were confirmed dead. At least 870 people were rescued while 3,897 individuals were placed in temporary shelters in Fujairah and Sharjah.
  • Traders in the Emirate of Fujairah lost nearly AED10 million worth of goods.



Common Causes of Fires

  • Electrical Faults
  • Cooking Accidents
  • Heating Systems
  • Smoking
  • Arson



Fire Prevention Tips

  • Install smoke detectors and test regularly
  • Store flammable materials properly
  • Conduct regular maintenance of electrical systems
  • Educate employees/residents on fire safety protocols
  • Develop and practice evacuation plans



Common Causes of Water Damage

  • Plumbing issues (e.g. workmanship, burst pipes, etc.)
  • Appliance malfunction
  • Roof leaks – which is not covered by standard property policies
  • Flooding
  • Black smoke triggering the firefighting system



Water Damage Prevention Tips

  • Inspect plumbing and appliances regularly
  • Install water leak detection systems
  • Arrange proper landscaping to prevent flooding
  • Conduct adequate roof maintenance
  • Educate occupants on water damage prevention



Technology Solutions

  • Smart Fire Detection and Suppression Systems
  • Water leak detection and automated shut-off systems
  • Monitoring systems for early detection
  • Integration of technology for quick response