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Why did we rebrand?

Sukoon Takaful, our new corporate identity, reinforces our deep-seated heritage in the UAE market. Sukoon, which means 'peace of mind' in UAE's three most spoken languages, reflects our commitment to delight our customers at every turn. With the new name, we are confident that, in addition to solidifying our roots in the UAE, Sukoon Takaful aptly reflects our position as a modern-day insurer that pioneers innovation, provides unrivalled services, and stands rock-solid to fulfill its obligations to its clients, shareholders, and partners.

As Sukoon Takaful sets sail, our focus will single-mindedly remain on delivering peace of mind at every interaction - from buying a Takaful product to submitting a claim, and more. Our clients and partners will continue to experience our outstanding protection and world-class services bolstered further by one of the UAE's leading insurance companies.


Good news - your existing coverage will not be impacted by the rebrand! Sukoon Takaful is a registered trademark of Arabian Scandinavian Insurance Company (P.L.C) Takaful – ASCANA Insurance, which will remain the Company's legal name for the foreseeable future. All our registered products and obligations to clients and partners remain intact.

All policy covers and related documents will remain valid until their expiration as per their terms and conditions. In case you have purchased a product before the rebrand, you will receive your policy documents with the new branding upon renewal. 

Rebrand FAQs

  • As of 2023, Sukoon Insurance PJSC ("Sukoon") acquired 93% of the company's shares. Following the acquisition, we are now Sukoon's subsidiary.
  • No, there Will be No change to banking information including, but not limited to, IBAN, bank account numbers, online payment methods, and any current agreements in place to that effect.
  • All our existing contracts, service level agreements, and committed turnaround time remain unchanged until either their expiration or termination (in accordance with standard policy terms and conditions).
  • The claims process will remain the same as before. Please click here to submit your claim. 
  • If you have used ASCANA's brandmark in any of your marketing materials (including websites and portals), then please update them with Sukoon Takaful's. For assistance, please contact your Relationship Manager at Sukoon Takaful.

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