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Medical Takaful Claims

It is impossible to thoroughly fortify your health against ailments for the rest of your life. After all, life is unpredictable, and misfortunes can strike at any time. But that shouldn’t stop you from preparing for the worst – especially when it comes to securing your health.


We believe that every individual, business and organisation is different, and each one's needs are unique. This applies to everything from building the internal culture to crafting the right health insurance plan.


Our Medical Takaful solutions were designed to serve this kind of customisation. We draw on our 45+ years' protection expertise and extensive network partnership with healthcare providers to offer you a health plan that is both ideal for you and surpasses all others in the region. 


Please use this page to file a claim and let us handle the rest. Because, at Sukoon Takaful, your health and wellbeing matter the most.

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